Launch from source

When you are developing MCDR, you may want to launch MCDR from its source file directly, and here’s the way to do that

Download the source files of MCDR via cloning the repository or github action, and decompress the file if needed

 ├─ mcdreforged/
 │   └─ ..
 └─ ..

MCDR will delay to start and print some warnings if the mcdreforged python package is not detected, and this is a common thing if you are launching MCDR from source

This mechanism is designed to help those newbies who follow outdated tutorials and try to launch MCDR from source, and guide them to use the correct method to launch MCDR

Apparently we want to get rid of this warning and the startup delay things during our development on MCDR. We can bypass this by creating a local MCDR package information. Here’s the way to do that:

Enter the directory my_mcdr_server_in_source/, and run the following command to create egg_info

python egg_info

That’s it. After that command, MCDR can be launched normally

Don’t forget to regenerate the egg_info by using the same command after you changed the information of the mcdreforged package, e.g. the version of MCDR

Launch via python script

In development environment, you cannot use command mcdreforged to launch MCDR – that’s only available in production environment

To launch MCDR in development, you can run the following command in the root of the MCDR repository:

python -m mcdreforged
python3 -m mcdreforged

The above command also works in production environment

Besides that, you can also use python to execute the in the repository to launch MCDR

python is just a simple wrapper for launching MCDR with the following codes

import sys

from mcdreforged.__main__ import main

if __name__ == '__main__':
    sys.exit(main()) also works for MCDR installed by pip command, which means that it works in production environment too

For windows users, if you have bound a correct python interpreter to *.py files you can also double click the to start MCDR